Research that moves us forward.

Our collective programs, aligned with UNLV and the College of Education’s missions, are State of Nevada-supported programs designed to inspire selected teacher candidates to lead and engage deeply in meaningful practices within K-12 education, while creating a space for innovative educational research.

The NV|Forward research program was created to support projects that examine unique and novel pedagogical approaches and educational engagements that also include at least two undergraduate fellows who would be inducted into the research process. Fellows then have this as additional optional opportunity to gain experience conducting research on education as part of a research team.

What we contribute…

Mini Grant Program

Funding research that engages the meaningful recruitment, preparation, and retention of Nevada educators, the NV|Forward Mini Grant Program is committed to the enhancement of pedagogical practices for diverse learners while inducting and mentoring undergraduate student research fellows, extending their capacities as developing teacher-researchers.

NV|Forward Impacts & Outcomes

The educator preparation programs supported by NV|Forward can have far-reaching impacts and outcomes in communities. NV|Forward program participants better reflect their local communities and are committed to serving the students and families living and working in our Nevada neighborhoods. Explore the impacts NV|Forward makes by investing in these programs to better serve the educators, students, and families across Nevada.

Educator Preparation & Retention Research

Studying educator preparation and retention models is crucial for ensuring that future teachers have access to high-quality, culturally-responsive preparation and professional development. NV|Forward is proud to lead cutting-edge research into innovative models and practices that prepare educators to serve our diversifying communities.

Research initiatives are made possible thanks to generous funding from the Nevada Department of Education to support the Nevada Institute on Educator Preparation (NITEP), the Nevada Institute on Educator Preparation, Retention, & Research (NIEPRR), and the Nevada Educator Preparation Institute & Collective (NV-EPIC).