Apply for NV-EPIC PPP Cohort 5

STEP 1: Prepare your documentation

Please ensure you have the following documentation ready to submit to UNLV after you have completed and submitted your application. Admission consideration may be delayed or denied without submitting these documents:

Official transcripts

Successful candidates entering Cohort 5 of the PPP Program must have completed all general education courses prior to being accepted to the current cohort of the PPP Program.

NOTE: Students who have not yet completed all General Education requirements should still apply! We have a pre-apprenticeship program which provides a pathway to help applicants pay for and complete Gen Ed courses in order to be eligible for to begin in a future cohort of PPP!

Applicants must provide official transcripts from all institutions attended. Your application review will be delayed if you fail to submit transcripts from all institutions attended.

Transcripts may take several weeks to arrive and be processed. You can request transcripts be sent to UNLV after you officially apply. Find more information about submitting transcripts from other institutions and UNLV’s admission requirements on UNLV’s website.

Official transcripts must be received by UNLV no later than November 12, 2023 or your application will not be considered. Unofficial transcripts will not be considered.

NOTE: If you have been accepted to UNLV OR are a current student and have taken classes at institutions outside of UNLV, you must re-submit transcripts for those courses taken at other institutions.

Completed FAFSA or Alternate Need Determination Form

In order to have your tuition funded, you must complete your FAFSA or  Alternate Need Determination Form (for non-FAFSA eligible students).  

If you have questions about completing either of these forms, contact the UNLV Financial Aid & Scholarships Office.

Up-to-date immunization records

If you are admitted to the program, you will need your immunization records. It’s never too early for you to start getting those together.

More information about required immunizations is available on  UNLV’s website.

STEP 2: Are you a current student at UNLV and enrolled in courses?

Stop here — Do not reapply to UNLV!  

Instead, click here to submit the PPP Supplemental Application Request Form

You will receive a link to complete your supplemental application within 10 business days from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

NOTE: If you have taken any courses at institutions outside of UNLV since your acceptance to UNLV,  you must re-submit transcripts for all courses taken at all other institutions.

STEP 2: New Applicant or reapplying? Submit your Interest form & Application to UNLV

STEP 2A: Carefully  review the eligibility criteria to ensure you meet the minimum qualifications for acceptance to the program. 

STEP 2B: Begin your application to UNLV using the button below. Choose “Spring 2024” in the Expected Enrollment Term dropdown menu on the first page.

STEP 2C: Check your email and create a password. Once you’ve created your account, begin your application. On the Term and Major page, choose “Spring 2024” for Term and EITHER “Early Childhood Education PRE,” “Elementary Education PRE,” or “Special Education PRE” for Major Choice. Complete the rest of the application with your information.

Note: When applying to UNLV, you will have the option to apply for a fee waiver to offset the cost of your application. While this is absolutely an option, please be aware that making this selection adds additional steps and paperwork to your process and may slow the review of your application.

STEP 3: Complete Your PPP Supplemental Application

After you submit your initial application to UNLV, you will be emailed a link to complete a supplemental application specific to the PPP Program. Your application will not be considered without completing and submitting the supplemental application and required documentation (i.e., official transcripts, FASFA/Alternate Need Determination form, required vaccination records, and introduction video). 

NOTE: Application to UNLV does not guarantee acceptance to the University and/or to the PPP program. An admissions counselor will review your application and transcripts to ensure you meet the minimum qualifications, and College of Education advisors will review your supplemental application to determine if you are eligible to participate in PPP.

PPP applications close November 12, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. and no late applications will be accepted. Please remember that the PPP application is a multi-step process —  You must complete each step in order for your application to be considered.

You may apply to UNLV after November 12, but your application will be considered for a future cohort of PPP; Generally, PPP Cohorts begin in January and May/June of each year.

  • Applying to UNLV does not guarantee acceptance to the University
  • Acceptance to UNLV does not guarantee admission into the PPP program.
  • All general education requirements (gen eds) must be completed before acceptance to PPP Cohort 5 is granted; Students who still have gen eds to complete should still apply and have their transcripts reviewed.
  • Upon admission to UNLV, College of Education advisors will review all transcripts and provide a list of general education courses that need completed (if applicable) during the PPP Pre-Apprenticeship program.
  • Students beginning Cohort 5 will have all gen eds completed; Students who have not completed all gen eds will begin the PPP Pre-Apprenticeship Program which will focus on completing all gen eds to start the PPP program in a future cohort.

PPP Cohort 5 Application Timeline

We know you’re anxious to get started in the program, but Cohort 5 won’t officially start until Spring 2024.
Here is what to expect from the NV-EPIC application timeline.


Admissions Review

completed by November 17, 2023

After you submit your application to UNLV, Counselors in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will review your application and documentation to see if you meet qualifications for acceptance to UNLV.

Students will be notified if they have gained acceptance to UNLV via the Office of Admissions. Students who wish to begin their coursework at UNLV must accept their admission.

If you are denied admission to UNLV, your application will not be reviewed by the PPP program.


ESSC Review

completed by December 1, 2023

Once you have gained admission to UNLV, qualified applicants will be forwarded to the College of Education’s Education Student Services Center (ESSC) for a deeper transcript review to identify what coursework students have completed or outstanding.


NV-EPIC Review

completed by December 8, 2023

After your transcript review is complete, the NV-EPIC team will review student applications to identify which PPP program students are eligible for:

  1. PPP Cohort 5 for students with 0 gen eds to complete OR
  2. The PPP Pre-Apprenticeship Program which provides funding for students to complete required General Education coursework and a pathway to joining a future PPP Cohort.


Conditional Acceptances

Delivered to your inbox by December 11, 2023

After completing the final review, the NV-EPIC team will send the following:

1) Conditional Acceptance Letters to students who have no General Education requirements to complete. We look forward to welcoming you to your Bridge Experience held on December 16, 2023 and January 6, 2024, the last step in the admissions process.


2) Conditional Acceptance Letters with Provisions to students who are currently completing  General Education requirements (GEs). All GEs must be completed by the end of the Fall 2023 semester — with all necessary official transcripts submitted to UNLV no later than than December 26, 2023 — to remain eligible for PPP Cohort 5.


3) PPP Pre-Apprenticeship Welcome Letters for those who did not meet one or more criteria for admission to PPP Cohort 5; This letter will provide more instruction on next steps to take to continue on your pathway as a PPP Pre-Apprentice to become eligible for a future cohort of PPP.