Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth

Understanding the Need

In 2019, Las Vegas and Clark Country had the fourth largest number of unaccompanied homeless children and youth of any major metro ara in the United States. Nevada Pathway for Homeless Youth (NPHY) provides thousands of young people experiencing homelessness in the community with access services including outreach, shelter, advocacy, education, employment, health, and enrichment.

About the Pathway

For the NPHY pathway, fellows engaged directly with youths experiencing homelessness in Nevada. A primary driver of engagement was Feel Good Fridays. Fellows would spend time with youths deliver care kits and play games for NPHY. Fellows also leveraged donations to create 150 care kits. They also volunteered for other events hosted at NPHY’s drop in center and attend Be the Movement centered on understanding more about this years legislative session.

NPHY also offers wraparound programs to help young people meet their needs, access a safe environment, and find a path to self-sufficiency. NPHY launched the Movement, a campaign to end youth homelessness.

Fellow Reflections

“Seeing young people showing up to get things that need was impactful for me.”

“Not only has my engagement with NPHY provided me with context into the lives of students from low-income families, but it has also made me cognizant of the challenges that face the Las Vegas community…. meeting the people who live in these communities and listening to their stories, I learned about the circumstances which have been imposed upon them and the cycle of poverty that continues to challenge their families.”

“I learned how valuable a sense of community is for everyone!”

This CEP was made possible thanks to community partnerships as well as generous funding from the Nevada Department of Education to support the Nevada Institute on Educator Preparation (NITEP) and the Nevada Institute on Educator Preparation, Retention, & Research (NIEPRR).